Non-university collections

Simply Textbook collects unwanted academic books primarily from university staff on university premises.

However, some collections may also be possible from private residential or workplace addresses even if you are not university staff.

Non-university collections

Assessing the viability of a collection

To help determine if your collection will or will not be possible and practical for Simply Textbook to carry out, the following criteria will be assessed:

  • Your location
  • Quantity of books
  • Your flexibility on timing

Collections may be subject to a minimum or maximum quantity, dependent on your location, and the timing of your request.

Please note, it may be months before Simply Textbook will next be in your local area.

If a collection is not possible, alternatives may be suggested, such as sending the books to Simply Textbook by courier, or donating to an Oxfam shop in your local area.

Location information

Simply Textbook is based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Non-university collections

Areas visited with greater regularity on average

  • Swindon all surrounding routes
  • London/M25 (Central/North/West)
  • Essex/M25/A12
  • M4 corridor between London and Bristol/Bath
  • Surrey/Sussex/M25/M23
  • South Wales/M4
  • West Midlands/M5/M6
  • East Midlands/M1
  • Cambridge/A11/M11
  • North West/M6/M62
  • North Wales/M6/M56/A55
  • Yorkshire & North East/M1/A1M/M62
Non-university collections

Areas visited less regularly by Simply Textbook

  • South East (South East London & Kent)
  • South West (beyond Bristol, and west of Southampton)
  • East Anglia (Norfolk and Suffolk)
  • Cumbria
  • Northumberland (north of Morpeth)
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Mid & West Wales

Areas NOT visited by Simply Textbook

  • Scotland (please note, collections in Scotland have now been discontinued)
  • Northern Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Isle of Wight
  • Anywhere outside of the United Kingdom

£25 charge

Regardless of quantity and location, all collections are subject to a minimum £25 charge, payable in advance by online bank transfer or PayPal.

Any collection which requires multiple visits may be subject to a £25 charge per visit. In some rare cases of greater complexity, a further additional surcharge may apply, but this will always be explained, discussed and agreed with you up front.

Simply Textbook will provide you with a formal receipt confirming your collection once payment has been received.

If you wish to cancel or reschedule after paying the charge, you can do so for a full refund up to 23:59 the night before the collection. If you cancel or reschedule after 23:59 the night before the collection, the charge will not be returned.

If the books are not available for collection at the pre-arranged date, time and location, the £25 charge will not be returned.

If Simply Textbook does not collect your books for any reason outside of your control, your charge will either be refunded to you (within 3 working days), or your collection will be rescheduled for no additional charge.


Simply Textbook does not offer a public drop-off facility.

In some circumstances it may be possible to arrange an in-person handover of the books in a public location in the Swindon area at a pre-arranged time/date.

No payment for books

Simply Textbook does not offer any payment for books.

This is a paid-for service, offering a reliable and convenient solution for safely passing on unwanted books that you no longer wish to keep. Simply Textbook makes best possible use of the books, ensuring that they are kept far away from landfill.

Smaller quantities

It is very likely that any request of fewer than 50 books will be rejected.

For smaller quantities (fewer than 50 books), please strongly consider purchasing shipping from DPD or any other courier of your choice (address details will be provided on request).

Courier-shipment will likely be a faster and more economical solution for you. DPD and most other carriers typically charge around £10 for parcels up to 20kg.

Items accepted

Please note, Simply Textbook is now only accepting published books that have an ISBN (preferably barcoded). If you have any significant quantity of books that pre-date ISBN, it is recommended that you contact a book dealer specialising in rare or antique books.

Items not accepted

Simply Textbook DOES NOT collect the following items: journals, periodicals, magazines, dissertations, manuals, reports, folders, newspapers, pamphlets, brochures, or any other paper items that are not published books with an ISBN. Please recycle any such items.


Simply Textbook is NOT currently accepting any requests from schools. This is due to significant challenges processing and redistributing large quantities of duplicate titles in generally poor resale condition.

Transferral of ownership

Once the books have been collected, you willingly transfer ownership to Simply Textbook for the purposes of finding them a new home or purpose.

Books cannot be returned once collected

For reasons of practicality, Simply Textbook cannot guarantee the retrieval or return of any books if they have been presented for collection in error.

Please be extremely careful to only present books that you are happy for Simply Textbook to collect and redistribute. Simply Textbook takes no responsibility for any books presented for collection in error.

If you do discover that a book has been presented for collection in error, it is imperative that you alert Simply Textbook at the very earliest opportunity possible. This will need to be within hours, not days.

Doorstep collections only

Simply Textbook DOES NOT enter private residences. It is your responsibility to unload all bookcases and bookshelves, and to pack boxes/bags ready for collection.

For health and safety reasons, Simply Textbook does not carry large quantities of books up and down stairs, unless completely unavoidable (e.g. lift out of service). All books must be ready for collection at ground or entrance level.

It is not essential for you to be home on the day of the collection. You are actually encouraged to leave the boxes/bags outside by your doorstep ready for collection, making a concerted effort to keep them dry if rain looks likely.

Non-university collections

If you have read, understood and accept all of the above notices, please click below to proceed to the collection request form.